Valley Safety

Whether boating the fjords, floating the river for salmon or hiking in the alpine it befits everyone for you to be prepared

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Bella Coola Valley is a region extremes – rugged mountains, glistening waters, lush rainforests, icy glaciers, extensive coastlines. Though Canada’s scenery is breathtakingly beautiful, it also plays host to unpredictable and potentially dangerous terrain, weather and wildlife.

We rarely head out for an outdoor adventure with the expectation that something will go wrong, and, most times, everything will go right. However, that one time that the unexpected happens…your investment in Trip Safety can mean the difference between a successful outcome and becoming a statistic.

Trip Tips

  • Travel with a companion a companion can give you a hand to overcome difficulties or emergencies.
  • Be prepared: ensure everyone with you understands what to do in case of an emergency.
  • Don’t depend solely on technology: equipment failure and lack of reception are very possible in the outdoors. Consider carrying a map and compass as a backup.

In An Emergency

  • Don’t panic: stay calm and maintain a positive attitude.
  • STOP: Sit, Think, Observe and Plan.
  • Stay Put: it reduces time and search area for the authorities looking for you.
  • Seek Shelter: Protect yourself from the elements by staying warm and dry.
  • Signal for help: think BIG, Think CONTRAST, Think 3’s. Use whistle blasts x 3, mirror flashes x 3, horn blasts x 3, signal fires x 3 or rock piles x 3 to signal distress. Create a ground-to-air symbol by making the letter “V” or “SOS”, at least 3 meters in length.

boating + Fishing - river and ocean

  • On the water? Ensure that you’re up-to-date on boating safety and regulations.
  • At the water’s edge? Be bear aware. Bears have a keen sense of smell and are attracted to the fish you clean & gut. Ensure you know what to do if you meet one.
  • In, on, or near a river? These swift-moving bodies of water can quickly change from playground to danger zone if you don’t have the requisite knowledge of river safety before you launch. Actively seek out and participate in courses on river safety, fishing safety and boating safety in your area. The skills you learn could one day save a life… your own!
  • Check the weather before you head out. Understand weather patterns, hypothermia and cold water shock.
  • Carry a valid fishing license with you at all times (if required).

Did you know that each year there are over 400 drowning deaths in Canada, 10% are anglers of whom 90% are not wearing a PFD? The latest in Personal Flotation Device technology offers comfortable, lightweight, inflatable life-saving vests designed specifically for sport fishing. Get a PFD and use it. Don’t become a statistic

Hiking & Exploring

There is no shortage of opportunities to enjoy Bella Coola Valley’s incredible terrain in a variety of ways – running, hiking, biking, horseback riding, off-roading, climbing, caving, and the list goes on. We love to see people out clambering up mountains, ripping through trails and generally enjoying everything this wondrous country has to offer! Our goal is to give you the tools and knowledge to have a safe and enjoyable outing, regardless of your outdoor adventure passion.

Know before you go

  • Wear or carry suitable clothing and proper footwear: dress in layers to regulate body temperature and adjust to sudden changes in weather conditions.

  • Be aware of cellular and satellite coverage in the area: it may be limited to highway corridors or impacted by physical obstacles which can block the signal.

  • Avoid wildlife conflicts: Know which animals are in the area and how to react if you cross their path.

  • Know your limits: Avoid injury and exhaustion.

  • Take a course: Familiarize yourself with the area and activity in which you are engaging.



Check out our bear viewing safety guidelines by following the link below

Write these down

Important Phone Numbers

Police: 911

Fire: 250-799-5321

Hospital: 250-799-5311