the season of rejuvenation


Experience the beauty of renewal and awakening in Bella Coola Valley’s stunning spring season.

A naturalist dream

Spring and summer in the Bella Coola Valley are a nature lover’s dream come true. The valley bursts into life as the snow melts and the trees bud, creating a kaleidoscope of colors and sounds. From grizzly bears and bald eagles and playful otters, the valley’s rich biodiversity is on full display. Visitors can hike through lush forests, paddle down pristine rivers, or go on a guided wildlife tour to experience the best of the valley. As the weather warms up, the fishing season begins, offering world-class opportunities to catch Chinook salmon and other species. With its stunning scenery and endless outdoor activities, the Bella Coola Valley is a must-see destination for anyone who loves nature.


Wildflowers & Waterfalls

The Great Bear Rainforest, located along the central and northern coast of British Columbia, Canada, is home to some of the most magnificent waterfalls in the world. These waterfalls are fed by the abundant rainfall and snowmelt in the region and cascade down steep cliffs into clear pools below.

Hunlen Falls is a majestic waterfall located in Tweedsmuir Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada. It cascades 260 meters down a sheer rock face, making it one of the highest waterfalls in Canada. Visitors can take a scenic hike to an overlook to view the stunning waterfall and surrounding mountains.

The waterfalls in the Great Bear Rainforest not only offer breathtaking views, but they also play an important ecological role in the region by providing essential habitat for salmon, bears, and other wildlife.

Glaciers & Hot Springs

The Bella Coola Valley  is home to several glaciers that have shaped the landscape over thousands of years. The largest of these glaciers is the Klinaklini Glacier, which stretches for over 40 kilometers and covers an area of approximately 300 square kilometers. The Nusatsum Glacier is another notable glacier in the area, known for its turquoise meltwater streams and stunning ice caves. The glaciers in the Bella Coola Valley play an important role in regulating water flow in the region, and provide essential habitat for wildlife such as grizzly bears and mountain goats. Visitors to the area can explore the glaciers via guided tours or hiking trails.

The Bella Coola Valley is also home to natural hot springs that offer a relaxing and therapeutic experience for visitors. The springs are situated in a stunning wilderness setting surrounded by towering mountains and lush forests, and provide an opportunity to soak in warm mineral waters while taking in the beautiful scenery. The hot springs are accessible via boat ride, and are open year-round for visitors to enjoy. Please remember to use a Nuxalk approved guide.