Gateway to the Great Bear Rainforest
Great Bear Rainforest Bella Coola

Great Bear Adventures

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(Tweedsmuir Provincial Park)

Immerse Yourself in Some of the Most Ecologically Significant Salmon & Grizzly Bear Habitat Left on Earth.

Bear Watching:

The ultimate bear-watching experience. Let our accredited guide(s) (Commerical Bear Viewing Association) will take you on an interpretive adventure, hiking along the ancient trails of this grizzly kingdom. This is the ultimate bear-watching experience for “Bear lovers”, families, photographers & naturalists.


HunlenFallsEagleNestBack Country Wilderness Hikes

5 day guided backpacking trips into the spectacular backcountry of  South Tweedsmuir Provincial Park. Choices include Hunlen Falls (the highest waterfall in Canada) & Turner Lake or the Rainbow Valley. Either hike is an unbelievably beautiful & humbling experience. Hiking Tours from May – October.

Eco Rafting

Enjoy a half day eco-rafting trip on the Atnarko River from late June to mid October. Mid August through October is when the chances of observing grizzly and black bears fishing for salmon are at their peak.

Fly Fishing

We offer expert instruction in fly-fishing. Practice different casting techniques & learn the importance of fly selection, as well as presentation.

Acquire the knowledge to ‘see’ the river – insect/bait identification, river hydrology,  prime fish habitat & respectful angler ethics.

birding-topBirding & Photography

Birding and nature photography opportunities are virtually limitless. The diversity of vegetation & the presence of freshwater (everywhere) makes this

ecosystem a veritable smorgasbord for avian seed & insect eaters. Within an hour, we can travel up into an alpine environment where an entirely different collection of resident & migratory birds flourish.

Snowshoeing & Backcountry Skiing

Snowshoe out the back door along the ancient grizzly trails of the Atnarko River, or we can head up “the hill” for a day of deafening quiet, deep backcountry powder & bright sunshine.

Our goal is to provide something more than an Adventure Tour & Wilderness Retreat. Visit our website for details.

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