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Fly-Fishing in Bella Coola

The Bella Coola Valley is a remarkable location for any fisherman. This is due to the stunning setting. A deep, lush, coastal valley surrounded by towering snowcapped and glaciated mountains. Here fisherman can encounter Grizzly Bears, Deer, Wolves and Eagles at any given moment. The wilderness setting this brings to the angler is very distinctive.

tweedsmuir park lodge toursGrizzly Bear Tours

The Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, with 600 metres of frontage on the Atnarko River inside Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, is situated in the middle of one of the healthiest bear habitats in British Columbia. From the chalets and from our main lodge deck, it is often possible to see bears wandering past and occasionally we even catch them napping on the lawn!

River Fishing

River Boat Guided Fishing

Simply the best and most enjoyable way to go fishing. With the McKenzie Drift Boat it is possible to access the entire river system. You can fish from the boat as well as stop at all the best fishing holes, including many hard to reach spots. The McKenzie Drift Boats are exceptionally comfortable, and ideal for these rivers. The drift is guided by an expert oarsman with many years of experience fishing these waters.

river driftRiver Drifts

We recommend these eco-tours as a ‘must do’ for all of our guests.They are appropriate for all ages and abilities.

Experience a scenic drift down the meandering Atnarko and Bella Coola Rivers between lush green forests, and with the snowcapped peaks of the Coast Range towering overhead. For long stretches there is simply no evidence of any human impact on the land.

nature walk 2Guided Nature Walks

Discover extraordinary walking tours in the Bella Coola Valley. From alpine to ocean, and old growth forest to volcano, these eco-escapes are ideal for all ages and abilities.

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Open year round: The Summer Operations run from June to October. Big King Salmon fishing, during the month of June. World class heliskiing from December to May.
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