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Great Bear Rainforest Bella Coola

Petroglyph Tours with Snuxta

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Take a tour with a Nuxalk guide to the Petroglyphs with an option to walk to Clayton Falls.

Hello, my Nuxalk name is Snuxta.  Snuxta is from an old dialogue of the Kimsquit language and translates to ‘seat of a canoe ’

The petroglyphs are an amazing sight to see while you’re visiting the Bella Coola Valley. I am very familiar with the history of the area and will be happy  to share my knowledge of these sacred places.

Along the way to the petroglyphs, I’ll point out medicinal plants, such as Devils club as well as ripe, edible berries.

There are boardwalks on the trail which make the walk easy for seniors and elders.

Once we arrive at the petroglyphs, the tour officially starts. The amount of time we spend may take up to two plus hours, depending on questions.

Afterwards, if there is interest to visit Clayton Falls, I am happy to will lead you there.

Petroglyphs in Bella Coola

Petroglyph Tours

One of the most popular questions while walking to the Petroglyphs is: Do you see many bears on this trail? I’ve only ran into a few bears, but it’s been a long while since I’ve come across any along the trail.

We can meet where it is most convenient for you. From there, I’ll  lead you by vehicle to the Petroglyphs road. We park just before the first gate and walk to the entrance point of the woods leading to the Petroglyphs.

Rates: 50$ per person. Ask for senior/children’s rates.
Tours: Two Hours (plus)
Open: June to the end of August. 

For reservations, please email me at [email protected]

Petroglyph Tours with Snuxta
4-181 Snxihh Mamnta Street
Box 433, Bella Coola, BC  V0T 1C0