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Over The Top Adventures

Ocean to Alpine (M-Gurr Lake trail)

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Step Out of the Box & into the Backcountry!

Jump on board Bella Coola’s newest trend & explore the backcountry. Your local guide will shuttle tours through pristine countryside along rugged mountain roads that lead to spectacular views!

Trip Packages:

Ocean to Alpine
Climb aboard our side by side at the Bella Coola wharf and enjoy the ride, climbing from sea level to 5000 Ft in elevation as we go over the top to explore the alpine. Choose to drop down and picnic at Blue Jay Lake and walk to a hidden waterfall or ridge walk among crystal clear alpine lakes like M-Gurr and head for the summit overlooking the ocean.

Waterfall Run (Odegaard Falls)

Waterfall Run
The adventure begins at the Nusatsum Bridge where we embark on a side by side adventure like no other. Along the winding road you will take in beautiful scenery of mountain peaks and cascading waterfalls all around. Get up close and personal with Odegaard Falls by taking a short hike to the base of this stunning waterfall. Jump back on the side by side and continue on beyond the falls to the breathtaking views at Purgatory lookout.

Things To Bring
When exploring the back-country at elevation, expect sudden weather changes & cooler temperatures. Being prepared with the basic attire is important for your trip experience. Dress accordingly for the weather and have proper footwear for hiking. (we recommend a long sleeve shirt and pants as bugs can be an issue)

Purgatory Lookout (Waterfall Run)

Please book at the latest, 5pm the day prior to departure date. All clients will be required to sign a liability waiver at departure location.

Departure Times

Odegaard Falls

Odegaard Falls

Your choice of 8:30am or 9:30am departures. Inquire about customizing your trip.

Guided 5-6 hour Day โ€“ $585.00 + $20 per person, 5 seats available, Lunch Included.
Shuttle Service โ€“ $340.00 one way, Self guided.

Open: June to OctoberFacebook

Over The Top Adventures
PH: 1 (250) 413-7433


COVID-19 Notice
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