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PO Box 670, Bella Coola, BC V0T 1C0 Canada

BCVT Monthly Meeting is held at 7pm on the first Tuesday of every month at the Nusatsum Elementary School (Boardroom) in Hagensborg.

Chair: Tom Hermance, Vice-Chair: Jefferson Bray, Treasurer: Jan Prins,
Directors: Carsten Ginsburg, Chris Nelson, Jayme Kennedy, Deborah Nelson, Christopher Stafford, Holly Willgress, Linda Duggan

Visitor Information Booth Report for Summer, 2016
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Bella Coola Valley Tourism Association

BCVT Director’s Meeting Minutes:

Attention: These minutes are draft and subject to amendment. Final approval is by resolution at the next scheduled meeting. The public is invited & questions/comments are encouraged.


AGM 2016 Minutes DRAFT March 9th

BCVT minutes DRAFT April 8th

BCVT Minutes DRAFT May 14th

BCVT Minutes DRAFT June 14th

BCVT Minutes DRAFT July 5th

BCVT Minutes DRAFT Sept.6th

BCVT Minutes DRAFT Oct 4th

BCVT Minutes Draft Nov. 1st

BCVT Minutes Dec 13 and DRAFT Jan 2


BCVT Minutes DRAFT Feb 7th

AGM 2017 Minutes DRAFT March 7th

BCVT Minutes DRAFT April 4th

BCVT Minutes DRAFT May 2nd

BCVT Minutes DRAFT July 4th

BCVT Minutes DRAFT August 1st

BCVT Minutes DRAFT Sept 5th