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Grizzly & 4 Brothers – marine charters on 36ft commercial fishing  gillnet boat. We offer comfortable outdoor seating with a lot of deck space for optimum scenic wildlife viewing.

The boat is very sturdy with a stable hull for inclimate weather conditions. The vessel can easily access any type of coastline for viewing or on/off loading. We’re equipped with a dive ladder, skiff, & hydraulic lift for any canoe or kayak adventurists wanting a drop off to any destination.

Welcome to the home of the Thunderbird, Nuxalk Territory, Bella Coola BC, Central Coast of the Great Bear Rainforest. Nuxalk people and culture have been thriving for well over ten thousand years. Nuxalk families traditionally occupied the land in the entire Bella Coola valley- upper through also in South Bentick, Labrachure Channel, King Island, north to Dean Channel upper & lower Dean inlet. Nuxalk territory is a vast and enormously huge land base. Our ancestors traveled in cedar dug out canoes along the waterways, known, as their highways. Each family inherently has rights and title to the homeland in which they come from. Escape into the corridor of the Great Bear Rainforest with an exploration into Nuxalk territory and sites, as our ancestors once lived and seasonally still utilize areas, today.

Skipper Glenn Clellamin is a professional outdoorsman, for the land and sea for over twenty-five years. Having worked as a wilderness guide and director of a Cultural Outdoor Recreational Program for At-Risk youth along with being an entrepreneur for a short time in Commercial Fishing as a Commercial Scuba Diver & Halibut Fisherman, in the North Coast, BC. Having been born and raised in Bella Coola, he has been trained and mentored culturally from his late Elders since age 2, into his young adult life. He is the marine operator with SVOP, MED A3. Grizzly & 4 Brothers is fully qualified and insured operation. Offering competitive rates. 100% Indigenous family-owned business.

Marine Charter Packages

Tallio Hot Springs– 5-6hrs round trip- Departure time: 8am- returning 1 pm

Enjoy a relaxing soak in the natural mineral tub at Tallio Hot Springs, South Bentick. Pool cascading on top of the coast shoreline rock with access into the glacier sea water to cool and soothe, for the ultimate body cleansing.

South Bentick Tour– hot springs soak, nature trail, view ancient pictographs. 7-8 hrs round trip. Depart 8am- returning 3pm.

Enjoy a soak in the natural mineral hot tub at Tallio Hot Springs, with carrying on into Camp 2 Bay, with a viewing of ancestral ancient pictographs, ending the tour with a light nature hike up to the ‘Big Cedar’ tree.

North Bentick Inlet Tour– Green Bay to Bella Coola Estuary- historical sites 4hrs. min.

Relax with a short marine charter/tour for marine mammal and wildlife viewing to historical Nuxalk village site, ancient ancestral pictograph viewing, pass the Talleheo cannery see the Bella Coola Valley from sea to sky, in the North Bentick inlet.

Marine Charters– please ask us about any other specific marine charter or destination inquiries. I.e. Kayak drops, Dean Channel/Dean River, Outer Coast areas. We will do our best to accommodate your truly unique experience in Bella Coola.

To book your authentic cultural marine charter today or for further inquiries, contact us at or call Glenn at (250)302-2318 of Grizzly & 4 Brothers.

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