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Bella Coola Sailing Tours

Gnoses Sailing Adventures offering tours in the spring & early summer in Bella Coola.

The central coast offers long coastal inlets & exposed outer coastlines, beaches & thousand foot granite walls. The views range from ocean spray on coastal cliffs to spectacular thousand foot waterfalls plummeting to the ocean. This is a relatively remote, intact wilderness. We explore by sailboat & kayak. We are opportunistic & make the most of what each day has to offer; we may get spectacular sunsets; we may get spectacular rainfalls.

The trips are an exclusive offering with the following objectives: every day begun and ended with opportunistic objectives made by all of us as conditions suggest. Maybe see waves, maybe whales. Maybe sea lions, or sea-stars. Sometimes there will be low tide rambles, weather permitting we might look for a sea otter. Paddling the coast-line or walking uphill for a view. We revel in the natural and recent histories. Please be prepared for variety. Bring your enthusiasm, we’ll show you the most interesting that we know of & you’ll be repaid in kind.

There will be a limited number of tours; trips will be run with a maximum of approximately 4 (3-5) people to make things personable (exclusive). Take the trip for yourselves– make it as exclusive as you want, bring your family or another couple & include them, if you prefer.

We will tailor specific dates to your trip. We supply the food, as much of it organic as possible, provided there are no special dietary requirements. We cater especially to kids, families & those with outdoor enthusiasm.

Help & learn to sail, paddle ashore, explore a beach, perhaps see a whale along a coast rife with old village sites. Or hike a wilderness mountain for the view. Feel the rain and the waves. Delve into the environment while traveling by sailboat. Be a part of the wilderness scene.

The sailboat, “GNOSES”, is a 40′ ketch. We sail when conditions permit; there is a reliable diesel engine for contrary winds, calms and deadlines. We have been most places on the coast, Mexico to Alaska & offshore to Hawaii.

SV GNOSES exceeds Transport Canada safety requirements; we are fully licensed & experienced sailors.

If you sail with us it will be to at least some of the places we love the best.

Gnoses Sailing Adventures
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