Gateway to the Great Bear Rainforest
Great Bear Rainforest Bella Coola

Totem Saunders Home


Silyas (Arthur Saunders) standing by the Saunders Family Pole outside his home

Local Artists & Galleries

Bella Coola Exudes Rich Culture & History

The Bella Coola region was first introduced to the world as having an extraordinarily rich art and cultural heritage.

Once you see these carvings and masterful art pieces for yourself, you never forget them.

Local carver, Silyas, (left) became the first International artist awarded the prestigious Native Art Fellowship from The National Museum of the American Indian in NYC.

nuxalk art

Seattle Art Museumn 2013


Artifacts from Bella Coola are housed in museums all over the world.

If you’d like to visit local artists in their workshops, use the message box below and we’ll arrange a small tour in advance.