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cedar hat, nuxalk, native artCopper Sun Art Gallery

Copper Sun Gallery & Journeys is a local gallery in Bella Coola, BC, dedicated to selling authentic Nuxalk art.

Copper Sun GalleryThe Copper Sun Gallery was established in 2015 with the intention of providing a venue for Nuxalk artists to sell and receive fair prices for their work.

Located on traditional Nuxalk territory on the Central Coast in beautiful Bella Coola, B.C., the Copper Sun Gallery carries all locally-made, handcrafted Nuxalk art.

Nuxalk art has a distinctive style and features particular designs that are unique to Nuxalk territory and family crests. In particular, the use of a vibrant blue has long been a identifying native art, Nuxalk, jewleryhallmark of Nuxalk art, the “Bella Coola Blue.”Nuxalk Art Gallery

As Nuxalk master carver Alvin Mack explains, “art is the vessel for the culture, it’s how we communicate our history and tell our smayustas (creation) stories.”

Smayustas, or creation stories, are tied to family crests and also a shared history. They are the reason Nuxalk art is crafted, and each piece made by a Nuxalk artist is carrying this history.

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