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Tweedsmuir Park Hwy 20Bella Coola Valley Transit System


Phone: (250) 799-0079


This is a General Community Service Available to Anyone in the community. There are no restrictions on who can use the service or for what trip purpose. We will do our best to accommodate medical trips for specialists’ appointments.

The Bella Coola Valley Transit System operates as a Dial-a-Ride transit service. This means the service is door-to-door service for persons with a disability, and curb-to-curb service for others. Depending on where you live, you may need to meet the bus at a convenient and safe pick up location.

How to Catch the Bus
When you want to ride transit, you can call ahead to book your trip, or you can wave the bus down from the street somewhere along the route. If you are waving down the bus, find a bus stop sign or a safe location along the route, face the bus and wave at it as it approaches you. A safe location is one where visibility is good and where the bus can easily pull off the road, such as a driveway or postal box area. Make sure you are visible, especially at night. Carry a flashlight or stand in a well-lit area. To get off the bus, ask the driver to find a safe place to stop.

bel_map_1When Service Operates
Monday to Saturday 8:00am-6:00pm.

There are two scheduled trips a day, with remaining service maintaining Dial-a-Ride service.

One scheduled trip leaves Hagensborg daily at 8:00am, travels to Glacier View, & back to Bella Coola.

The second scheduled trip leaves Bella Coola at 5:30pm & travels to Glacier View.

At certain times, when demand for service is heavy, you may be asked to re-schedule or modify your plans to fit in with other trips.

Transit in Bella Coola is a “shared-ride” system and other passengers are picked up and dropped off en-route. Additional evening and weekend service may be available as the demand warrants.

prog_listen_together_circulargraphicBefore You Call (250) 799-0079

Please be Ready with the Following Information:
-your name & phone number
-which day you want to travel
-where you want to be picked up
-your destination & the time you want to be there
-when you want to return
-any special equipment you use (Walker, Wheelchair, Cane, etc.), the bus has a 2-Bike Carrier
-whether you will have an Attendant or Companion with you.

  • An Attendant is someone whose help you need to make the trip (at no charge).
  • A Companion is someone you´d like to come along with you. Companions pay the regular fare.

The bus will make runs to and from the dock & will upon request go as far as Burnt Bridge Creek at Tweedsmuir Park, schedule permitting.

The transit service is funded by the Bella Coola General Hospital, the United Church of Canada in partnership with BC Transit and the Central Coast Regional Hospital District. The service is operated by the Bella Coola Valley Bus Co. Ltd.

Bella Coola Valley Transit System
PH:(250) 799-0079
925 Mackenzie Highway
Bella Coola BC
Canada V0T 1C0

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