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Fresh Frozen Salmon
(Fillet or Steaked)
Hot Smoked Salmon (ready to eat)
Salmon Jerky
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valley seafood
3, 4 & 5 years ago, these fish began their lives as deposited eggs in the gravel of glacial fed Kimsquit & Bella Coola Rivers, deep within the Coast Mountains of British Columbia.

After a challenging life in the North Pacific, the homeward bound journey finds the salmon navigating the inlets & avoiding Orcas to return to their home stream. It is the incredible productivity of these salmon that allows our business to take a small portion each year for your benefit.Bella Coola Valley Seafood

We handle the fish with great respect & care. Within minutes of it being caught, it is cleaned & packed in glacial cold ice. The fish is brined following a recipe perfected by friends who have had years of experience. It is then smoked using west coast red alder at a controlled temperature & time, ensuring a high quality product.

We are a family run business, living off a sustainable resource in a rugged, beautiful part of British Columbia. Enjoy eating this healthy product from the cold inlets of the Central Coast. Please come & visit us some day.

Location: Bella Coola Valley Seafoods is 5.7 km along Saloompt River Road in Hagensborg, it´s the last place on the left.

Open: Seasonal, Summer  Summer Store Hours: 8:30am – 5:30pm

Bella Coola Valley SeafoodBella Coola Valley Seafoods
Saloompt River Road /
Box 580
Hagensborg, BC
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