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Great Bear Rainforest Bella Coola

Great Bear Rainforest Vacation

Turner Lake & Hunlen Falls

Experience the Wonder

Odegaard Falls, Bella Coola

There is so much to experience in the Bella Coola Valley, it really comes down to your mood.

heli-hiking Bella Coola great bear rainforestThink of the Bella Coola Valley as a vast, wilderness viewing stage.

Lush meadows, dense forests and high mountain ranges, salmon spawn schools of silvery trout in pristine rivers & creeks.

Visit galleries & shops that showcase the diversity of talents from Nuxalk masks, paintings & jewellery as well as diverse selection of works by local artists.

Spend time in the Bella Coola Museum. Admire the craftsmanship of the 1890 Norwegian homesteads in Hagensborg. Take a cool dip in Hagensborg’s Centennial Pool.

Check out the Tallheo Cannery which reflects the history of a thriving canning industry from 1890s.

Mount MacKenzie, Rainbow Range

Venture into Tweedsmuir Provicial Park. Follow historic sections of the Alexander Mackenzie/Nuxalk-Carrier Grease Trail.

Walk the estuary for bird & wildlife viewing. Treat yourself with an afternoon in the alpine, gazing at glacier capped mountains &  waterfalls.Facebook

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